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iPhone 7 Audio Disease

The famous audio disease on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In this article, I want to touch upon why it occurs, can we prevent it, how to fix it the correct way.

Why do Audio Disease (Audio IC) occur?

Audio Disease occurs because of the weak point in the motherboard design made by Apple. Commonly the problem seems to occur after 1-year plus depending on the usage. If you’re using your iPhone without a case and care, it may occur sooner. If you’re more gentle with it, it may last you longer, but eventually, it is going to catch up.

The weak point seems to be in the centre where the Audio IC (U3101 Main Audio IC 338S00105) is located. What happens with the motherboard especially in the top layer of the PCB, over time the normal every day strains makes the tiny copper connections lose and sooner or later it loses continuity altogether once that happens, all sort of problems related to audio begins to show.

The weak spot of iPhone 7
The arrow shows the weak point on the PCB, where the strain over time breaks the connection between one or more components on the motherboard

The symptom of Audio Disease

  • Caller can’t hear you.
  • iPhone takes a long time to boot (Not the case in iOS 13 and above)
  • Voice Memo can’t record or upon pressing nothing happens.
  • Video recording has no audio.
  • Siri doesn’t work.
  • Greyed out, speaker.
  • Wifi greyed out (iOS 13 and above)

These are typically the most common Audio Disease symptoms. Not all of them suffer everything we listed above. Some are in a worse condition than others.

iOS 13 won’t display “Recording failed” like iOS 12

The solution

The solution in theory is easy, we need to restrain or rebuilt the connections that have lost continuity with each other as we explained.

Unfortunately, this process is complicated than imagined in the case of Audio IC repair the lost connections are under the Audio IC pads. In order to rebuild the connections between the pads and the required components, we need to desolder the Audio IC from the motherboard thereafter we can rebuild the connections typically there is 4 of them that needs to be rebuilt, some repair centres do only 1 of them, but our recommendation and practice is to do all 4 of them.

Once the tiny connections are rebuilt, we will prepare a new Audio IC to be resoldered back, and the repair is finally complete. This repair is very solid and should last you as long as the iPhone is in use, that’s why we give a long-term warranty on all our Audio IC Repair.


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