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Apple Repairs

We do repairs on all Apple products, including component level (Logic board) repairs and data recovery for iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

Android Repairs

Get your Android devices fixed. From logic board to chip-off data recovery including screen, battery replacement and charging port, etc.

Data Recovery

We will recover your data that others said was not possible! Computer HDD, Mobile phones, USB storage, micro-SD cards, SSD and more.

PC Laptop Repairs

We service all kind of PC Laptops, from motherboard level repairs to software and hardware such as screen replacement and more.

Console Repairs

Get your console running again. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch from HDMI repairs to motherboard and their controllers.

Other, Electronic Repairs

Everything is getting smart and have electronics inside, from your car keys, drones and speakers. We offer repairs for a wide range of devices.

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What is microsoldering logic board repairs?

Microsoldering is done using microscope that are designed for electronics, we diagnose the logic board when faulty components are found using SMD Rework Station and soldering we replace them.

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How are the repairs done?

The repairs go through different technique of diagnosis depending on what we are trying to fix, tools such as multimeter, power supply and oscilloscope are required. You can read our articles on some of the repairs we have demonstrated to have more in-depth insight.

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All of our repairs come with warranty, usually lasting one year. We use OEM parts if available, if not we will source the best parts in the market.

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